Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diplomatic bullshit

I was looking forward to the high profile visit of President Obama to India. A high visibility visit with global coverage, which holds significance not just from an economic standpoint but also from a political one. A poor show of democrats in the recent mid term elections put in that added pressure on him to shake things a bit by holding some strategic meetings with entrepreneurs. He is as keen as the voters who brought him to power to take the "all talk no show" monkey off his back. I switched one news channel after another, to be informed about all the happenings and not to miss out on even the smallest of the event.

Obama is undoubtedly, one of the brightest minds in contemporary politics. A charismatic leader, heading one of the most powerful nation in the world. Obviously he is smart, intelligent, tactful and has amazing oratory skills. He inspires the listeners with his words, wisdom and knowledge. I was impressed overall till the point he was posed a question by an young student from St xavier's college in Mumbai. It was a straight forward question which deserved an as straight forward reply. But all we got was a deceitful array of words, in short diplomatic bullshit.

"why is Pakistan an ally to US and why is it not declared a terrorist state yet ? "

I am sure the answer from Mr President would have been different if he were not on global media. But since he was, he had to be diplomatic but in my view, he exceeded the acceptable limits of it. It was disappointing to hear from the president that Pakistan's progress is good for India. It might sound silly to expect a nation which openly supports terrorism to make progress and prosper. India is not rising ... it has already risen and is shining high. It is way beyond the reach of a country like Pakistan or even a thousand of them. They can plot all they want but they cant shake us Indians. We will rise high and we will leave the dust behind.

There is enough evidence to prove that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism at a global level. When the military of a nation joins hands with militants, the outcome cannot be good. It is high time the leaders of that nation get some sense and curb the cancer of terrorism, which is now eating away their own peace and integrity. It does not matter to us Indians if Pakistan makes progress or not. We could not care less about their existence. But, one thing is for sure ... if they do not mend their ways and mind their own business, they are sure to get reduced to dust.

There is never a bad time to say Jai Hind. Say it proudly and say it at the top of your voice, loud enough to inspire a 100 others to repeat it. JAII HIND


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    I am not surprised with this piece, I am a fan of your writing style.

  3. Guess we need to stop being a child and start taking care of ourselves and clean up our own neighbourhood. The United States just wants its "business" to be done be it Pakistan,India or Iran(ironically at one point of time it was a great friend of it as well). So don't count on the US to be one sided in its answers/decisions, the bottom line is for us Indians Stop crying and just do the needful :)

  4. That's very true that we can take care of ourselves. The point where we need US is to stop aiding Pakistan. Not sure if you are aware but US announced a $2 billion military aid recently which is twice or thrice the aid they usually provided. An already fat baby being fed for free by someone is definitely a cause of concern to the mother. The mother is quite capable of slapping the child or grounding it but its best if the external feeding stops ;-) ...